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On the flipside, tourism can save the physical geography of a. Tourism is the most effective means of satisfying recreational needs. Sri lanka gained independence from britain in 1948. Unlike domestic tourism, intl tourism is concerned with passport, visa or conversion of one currency into another. This can involve anything from a basic idea of where each state is in the united states, to an indepth understanding of. Google tourism is an often activity for recreational purpose. It is the study of the many cultural aspects found throughout the world and how they relate to the spaces and places where they originate and the spaces and places they then travel to, as people continually move across.

Religious tourism is another type of tourism where people go to a religious location or locations to follow the footsteps of their founder or to attend a religious ceremony. Catholics, for example, go on pilgrimages in the holy land to experience the paths where jesus walked. Today, people travel for different reasons to all parts of the world. On any of the caribbean islands, you can enjoy local seafoods and produce during dinner and theater tours, at farmers markets, food festivals or tours of local breweries and. Did you know it is important for you to have a basic understanding of physical geography, which is the study of the physical characteristics of the world such as climate, terrain, oceans and countries, and destination geography, which is the study of how physical geography relates to travel and tourism and how if affects your clients trip. Tourism is defined as any activities related to travel away from the usual home for at least 1 night, but no more than 1 consecutive year, for the purpose of leisure, recreation, holidays, visiting friends and relations, business or other professional reasons different types of tourism. Types of tourist attractions people visiting the british museum in london the human and physical resources found in a particular place often influence tourism to a particular destination. The north of thailand has many high mountains and is the source of many river s that become the mekong, chao phraya, and salawin rivers. Geography involves the study of various locations and how they interact based on factors such as position, culture, and environment. Proximity to the indian subcontinent has facilitated close cultural interaction between sri lanka and india from ancient times. For instance, you can generally group tourism into two types.

In this tourism lesson, students use new vocabulary and research more about a tourism organization. Geography of tourism in india notes 91 tourismconcept, resources and development geography fig. Tourism geography reveals how geographic perspectives can inform and illuminate the. It is very likely to entail different currencies, different languages and different types of people. This desire to travel has resulted in a branch of industry named tourism. This, in turn, has significant implications for the geographies of destination development and resource use and exploitation. Geography promoted as science, and also tourism geography, one of its branch, possess their own research tools which analyze the two main types of resources. Eleventh graders define and consider the traits of different types of travel and tourism such as. Geography is a scientific field that is to the study of the earths landform, ocean, environment and ecosystem. Critical tourism geographies applies critical geography theory to tourism issues. The many different types of tourism in india spiritual, adventure, yoga, sightseeing, beachgoing and wildlifewatching among them reflect the nations incredible diversity and great wealth.

Based on who is the visitor, international tourism can be segregated into. Types of tourism tourism ks3 geography revision bbc bitesize. Therefore, it is not 62 geography and tourism surprising to find that after discussing the systematic elements of tourism, some geography texts, in their concluding chapters, orient their readers to the regional character and peculiarities of. This can be on the basis of which types of places they like to visit or the type of activities they like to be involved in. Medical or health tourism is a relatively new type of tourist activity where the main focus of the travel is. Stephen williams is emeritus professor of human geography at staffordshire university, uk. The geography of tourism is dominated by number of key themes, which relate location, place and space, human and cultural characteristics, and the movement of people or mobility. Tourism creates distinctive relationships between people as tourists and the host spaces, places and people they visit. As such, tourism is a product of modern social arrangements, beginning in western europe in the 17th century, although it has antecedents in classical antiquity. Notable mountains in the area are luang phra bang, daen lao, thanon thong chai, phee pun nam, khao khun tan, and phetchaburi. Online geography resources for teachers and students of ks3, gcse igcse, ib dp geography and myp individuals and societies. Incentive tourism is usually undertaken as a type of employee reward by a company or institution for targets met or exceeded, or a job well done.

Choose from 500 different sets of tourism geography flashcards on quizlet. His extensive interests in recreation and tourism are reflected in his publications, which include outdoor recreation and the urban environment routledge, tourism and recreation prentice hall and a fourvolume edited work tourism. This category has the following 15 subcategories, out of 15 total. Culinary tourism involves traveling primarily for the sake of trying exciting new foods and having enjoyable, yet original culinary experiences prepared by local chefs. Tourism geography covers a wide range of interests including the environmental impact of tourism, the geographies of tourism and leisure economies, answering tourism industry and management. Discuss the difficulties in attempting to define leisure, recreation, tourism and sport. International tourism involves crossing the boundaries of a country to another one.

Discuss the influence of accessibility, changes in technology and affluence upon the growth of these activities. Types of tourism tourism ks3 geography revision bbc. Sri lanka, island country lying in the indian ocean and separated from peninsular india by the palk strait. The different forms of tourism and their related bodily and sensuous experiences heritage visits, ecotourism, package holidays, adventure travel. Boniface and chris cooper and translated by ramin asadi and mahmoud daryaei is a. Vedran vugrin types of tourism in australia 7 polytechnic of medimurje in cakovec 1. Geography is an allencompassing discipline that seeks an understanding of earth and its human and. Tourism geography covers a wide range of interests including the environmental impact of tourism, the geographies of tourism and leisure economies, answering tourism industry and management concerns and the sociology of tourism and locations of tourism. Guides to a geography of tourism openedition journals. There are a lot of tourist destinations in the world and if you want to go backpacking through the world you need to know them. The following 78 pages are in this category, out of 78 total. Learn tourism geography with free interactive flashcards. It is about the physical geography of the place too, like soil, water, and air, all of which are impacted in various ways by tourism. Youll learn about some of the different types of tourism as well as the characteristics that all types of tourism share.

Tourism, the act and process of spending time away from home in pursuit of recreation, relaxation, and pleasure, while making use of the commercial provision of services. Types of tourist attractions tourist attractions gcse. The first person to use the word was eratosthenes 276194 bce. Types of tourism article about types of tourism by the. It also studies the relationship between men and their environments. Ecotourism and nature treks are all part of this kind of tourism. Medical or health tourism is a relatively new type of tourist activity where the main focus of the travel is improving. This website and its content is subject to our terms and conditions. The geography of tourism is also concerned with the flows of tourism from generating countries to destinations.

Tourism geography is the study of travel and tourism, as an industry and as a social and cultural activity. The main article for this category is list of adjectival tourisms. Objectives distinguish between the different forms of tourism, and the relationship of different types of tourist with the environment. The different forms of tourism are vast and the ways in which they can be grouped are many. Tes global ltd is registered in england company no 02017289 with its registered office at 26 red lion square london wc1r 4hq. Wikimedia commons has media related to types of tourism. There are many different types of tourists, which can be classified in a number of ways. In that time methodologies and philosophies have changed, as has the. As such, tourism geography studies things like the tourist resources natural or manmade, the tourism infrastructure transportation, accommodation, etc. Mass tourism involves large numbers of tourists visiting a particular place together package holidays involve a tour usually arranged by a travel agent, with transportation, accommodation and most meals with the service of guides niche tourism refers to specialinterest tourism based on a particular area, interest or activity by independent travelers or combined with package. Human geography is one of the two major branches of geography, together with physical geography. Individuals and societies age 1116 different types of tourism. Some of the notable examples of corporate meetings and incentive travel trips held in singapore include db access asia conference, the asean stars conference, amway japan leadership achievement.

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